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B12 is a communications and digital marketing agency specializing in health, with 14 years of experience. We deliver a 360º service which involves all the different channels of communication.


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Tips for dealing with the «google» patient

The digital world has forever changed the doctor-patient relationship. Doctors have gone from having passive patients to «google patients» – people who are always informed (sometimes poorly, but informed nonetheless), who come to the doctor's office to have the diagnosis they discovered on the internet confirmed, and who are much more aware of their rights than of their duties.

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Spokesperson workshop: Five tips for a good spokesperson

A communication crisis can erupt in a company or institution when least expected. Since these events are very difficult to foresee, the spokesperson(s) should be prepared in advance to meet the requirements of the press, because in a moment of crisis the demands of the media will not be long in coming. The spokesperson will have to manage themselves appropriately across various formats, be it TV, radio, written press, or online. In each of these contexts, they must convey the corporate message clearly and efficiently, which is particularly important in a crisis.